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Is Frustration and Anger the Same Thing?

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 2 May 2019 | comments*Discuss
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Everyone gets angry sometimes and everybody will find that they feel a little frustrated and annoyed occasionally (some more than others) but are they really the same thing with one simply being a stronger version than the other?Some people do confuse the two terms often using them interchangeably and often incorrectly. Although they are similar they can result from differing root causes and can also cause different responses. Frustration rarely causes such a profound effect as anger, nor is it considered to be as strong an emotion.

What Is Frustration?

Like anger, frustration is a natural human emotional and psychological response to something. The feeling is often due to disappointment when an effort or observation does not work out as expected or anticipated. When this occurs we can feel disheartened and annoyed that our time, efforts or feelings have been wasted. We can feel beaten or overcome when something causes frustration and this can result in two ways; firstly we may become overwhelmed and totally defeated meaning that the action is not repeated or it can be used productively. Many people however use frustration very positively and address the issue again from a different angle or approach, following repeated cycles of this occurrence a huge sense of achievement is experienced when the outcome does not cause disappointment or dismay.

What Is Anger?

Anger is also a natural human emotion and often misconstrued or misunderstood depending on how people have been exposed to it in their past.We should all experience anger at some point in our life but it is how we deal with this anger or let it affect us that determines whether it is detrimental or not.There are a variety of reasons why we get angry and to what degree, some of which we are directly in control of and others less so, but we can all learn how to manage our anger more effectively not letting it have a negative effect on our life.

In What Ways Are They Similar?

Anger and frustration can be similar in some respects as they are both an emotional response and feeling and maybe be considered in a negative way. They both can cause annoyance and evoke a physical reaction.When external stimuli are conflicting and not occurring as we anticipated we become frustrated or angry as a reaction. In both instances we will probably need to exert some control or restraint in the way in which we respond. The difference however, is that usually (though not always) frustration can cause us to feel upset and vulnerable whereas anger may cause us to react in a more physical manner.Other aspects of our life may influence how often we feel frustration, infuriation and anger and our lifestyle, health and stress level can affect this. If you are feeling as though you are frequently and negatively affected by anger or frustration it may be helpful to try and determine what triggers these emotions in order to find ways in which they can be managed. Ultimately by decreasing the amount of stress we will have a positive effect on our life and health in general, but without some degree of stress or stimulus we may spend our lives simply ‘going with the flow’ and not making changes where maybe we would normally.

Anger and frustration are both normal human emotions that may or may not evoke strong reactions and inner feelings. Both occur in most people’s life on a regular basis as we are continually challenged by our environment, careers and relationships. It is how we manage these emotions that define us as individuals.

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Yesterday you had personal issues (i.e., anger, frustration, anxiety).Today is a different day and you are and can be whoever you want to be today. You only consistently or continue to act, behave, or project anger, frustrations, anxiety, because you hold on to things from your past.The past is the past, and those things that have occurred to you have left you feeling terrible ...day to day. Let go and make peace with them.Your son could be found dead today.........and then what?You would have then begged to have been different with him...and that he and everyone else ever needs is love. When people are going through strife ....all they need is love.....or when people are acting angry with you they actually want you to become angry with them.......then they will say that got their feelings out and now someone else feels their pain. Life is wild and everyone wants to make you feel many things......but there is always one thing that never changes or should never change with you and that is your love for everyone and everything around you. The past is the past and if you want your child/son to change then you have to create a drastic in yourself. you want him to change, however you keep on showing your unique range of emotions. just love him and support him....do not lose faith in anyone....... especially your family.be safe....be calm....love him.......always........do not say anything .....no words are needed to show your disappointment.......be calm....be safe...who cares how you acted yesterday with him ...be calm tomorrow.....be loving today......no one is holding onto the bad memories except for you .......let go ...be calm ....love him .........through him you will feel love again.......forever with Peace
Faith - 2-May-19 @ 8:38 PM
In the context of my ADD, i feel that frustration is virtually uncontrollable and compounding. I appears as anger to others, but I feel it as frustration. I am angry that things frustrate me, but I'm frustrated by non-compliance of actions and results, but not angry. Am I deluded in my self-evaluation of being frustrated? I really would like to eliminate it from my life, but that'll never happen, I feel like I've already surpassed my quota for a lifetime. Any professional advice in the context of ADD would be appreciated.
Brian - 6-Oct-18 @ 10:48 PM
@Judy- I'm not surprised. You don't have to suffer this sort of treatment though at aged 70. Ask your son to move out. If he's a decent man he will. If he refuses give him notice and change the locks. You shouldn't have to put up with this.
Nki - 9-Jul-18 @ 3:20 PM
In much anxiety in regards to my relationship with my 32 yr old son who, after 4 yrs in the navy, is currently going to school,working full time and living with me..his mom of 70yrs... From what I felt was a loving mother/son relationship has now become one of frustration, disappointment, arguments, resentment and anger.I am sad and devastated...I suffer with anxiety and depression.I'm overwhelmed...
Judy - 6-Jul-18 @ 9:57 PM
Well and good as far as you go... but there's a pretty big load of psych double talk here. The pro psychs seem to be saying all people are the same and should react the same to everthing. Of course without this claim of sameness/objectiveness they could not make their living (sell their BS). Definitions of "anger" and "frustration" are only deeper versions of the labels "anger" and "frustration" themselves. People do not generally have "choices" that are _completely_ "free"... so saying they are in control and responsible for all in their lives is just babble. We try to deal with these "frustrations" so they will not escalate to "anger"... but we have to work with/through other people. Other people also have their own issues that now come into the picture. Sometimes (often?) when you ask for help you get.... ... what's the word... ... anti-help. But you are then blamed for not having gotten help. It would be helpful if others really wished to be helpful rather than in feathering their own nest...
mds - 16-Sep-15 @ 4:00 AM
I like what you were writing I hope this website will still continue write about frustration and anger.
johnsmiths - 12-Sep-14 @ 3:48 PM
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