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Am I Just Bad Tempered?

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 16 Aug 2015 | comments*Discuss
Am I Just Bad Tempered?

Most of us will admit that on occasion we can be bad tempered and this can be for a number of reasons. Perhaps the current situation, the environment, the actions of others or a persistent bug-bear can make you irritable and moody or it may be that there is a physiological reason why you or others consider you to be a bit bad tempered. If however you are questioning your behaviour on a frequent basis and find that you are feeling aggressive or angry over somewhat irrational issues or very often it may be worthwhile considering methods of managing your anger more healthily.

Why Do I Get So Annoyed?

Tiredness is often the most common reason as to why people become more short-tempered and less tolerant. As the body and mind tire it seems to take us less time to become riled by something that is often very trivial. Young children are usually the cause of the tiredness and it can be tempting for a parent or carer to allow themselves to release their exhaustion and irritability directly at the child. Children are very good at remembering these instances and it will affect them for a long time possibly permanently so it is essential to try and have more patience when being with children and remember that they are learning all the time and this includes learning behaviour from the adults around them.

Diet And Lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle can be key factors in anger management and lessening a bad temper. We should all know by now which foods are bad for our weight and dental hygiene but some people are still unaware that their diet can directly affect their mood. Processed food and items that contain a lot of sugars, especially those that aren’t natural sugars can cause a surge in blood sugar which can decrease as sharply as it becomes raised. This plummet can have a very negative effect on mood and mental performance and can cause emotional and psychological changes, most frequently in a negative way.Similarly, lifestyle choices can encourage bad tempers and poor mood in some particularly if drug use and alcohol use are frequent. Waking up in either a drug-induced low mood or with a hangover can set the tone on how the rest of your day occurs and how you manage your social interaction. It is important to refrain from these temptations not just for health reasons but for your own mental state also.

Changing Your Behaviour And Improving Your Temper

If it has been brought to your attention or you have noticed yourself that you are becoming increasingly bad tempered it is vital that you takes steps to try and regain control.Assess what it is that causes the bad mood and try and make positive changes to prevent this from occurring in the future. Alternatively or in addition to, take steps to rationalise having such a negative reaction to whatever you have determined the stimulant to be; most of the time what ever has caused you to become so annoyed is not worth getting so wound up over.Find ways to release your emotions and aggression using diet, exercise or another form of release (some people find singing can be very therapeutic); whatever activity you find to release your frustrations should be encouraged.

Having a bad temper is something that we could probably all be accused of possessing every once in a while, but if you think you are continually struggling to control your temper or are managing it badly, it is time to take positive steps in changing this behaviour.

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I need advice. Everyday my dad keeps accusing me of doing something that I know isn't true. I react by yelling, pushing the blame on him (like saying you never listen etc...). This behavior doesn't escalate. Is this anger or frustration? How do I prevent these incidents?
Djehuty - 16-Aug-15 @ 8:45 PM
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